“Defending those who cannot defend themselves

J. Cheney Mason has been practicing law for almost five decades in Central Florida. A brilliant strategist. Mr. Mason handles complex divorce cases with assets valued at a minimum of five million dollars. Similar to his experience in divorce law Mr. Mason has also practice extensively in criminal defense law and was the recipient of the Heeney Award. The highest award recognition presented by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. While a prolific attorney, Mr. Mason believes wholeheartedly that his mission is to stand up for those who have been unjustly accused or whose circumstance has life changing consequences.


“The highest calling any lawyer can have is to be willing to fight the government to save someone’s life.”

- Attorney J. Cheney Mason

The following cases display Mr. Mason’s passion for justice and speak to situations where there are a unique set of facts that are compelling enough for Mr. Mason to work for free, characterized by…when justice demands defense. Put another way Mr. Mason is approachable in these unique situations in contrast to his very selective complex high-end family and criminal law work.

Wrongfully Convicted

The Client spent 22 years in jail, Mr. Mason got his client freed. Has a book on this in process. Case is Pro Bono, no attorney’s fees. He got a $2.1 Million award from Florida Legislature. His case came under Innocence Project which has freed close to 400 people, about 80 from death row (2 proved innocent after being executed)

Aggravated Child Abuse

The Client was charged with aggravated child abuse, 22 years in prison. Mr. Mason won a motion from Appeals Court for a new trial. Facts- Infant child (Jim’s son) had 12 bone fractures-who did it? Authorities decide it was Jim. Son is now 24 years old and plays competitive college tennis. He had a metabolic bone disease not known even existed until 3 years ago. How can the son have all these fractures without bruises or lacerations? It is result of the disease. State of Florida is fighting this because there are about10,000 inmates around the country with the same facts.

Plea Agreement

The Client was originally represented by the Public Defender for manslaughter and aggravated abuse of a child. Plea agreement made with judge, a no contest plea which requires no less than 5 years in jail. She got sentenced to 15 years. Mr. Mason discovered she is deaf and has an IQ around 60-75 (within classification of retarded). She was taking of babies- 2 year-old turned water on in tub. The Child died. Parents should not have hired Ms. Berry. Case was entirely dismissed.

Kidnapping & Institutional Neglect

A lady goes to a school in New Smyrna Beach, told principal she wanted to see her son, a 5 year old boy, and take him out of school. No one at the school knew this lady. She had the boys birth certificate with her so the principal sent for the boy. The boy was told his mother wanted to take him out of school and the boy looked at the lady saying, this is not my mother. School records did not have the ladies name down as someone who was authorized to pick him up however school records showed her to be the birth mother (later it was found she had abandoned the boy at birth and he was raised by his father who since has remarried). This was the first time in 5 years she had contact with the boy. It was later found she had a criminal record and had been released from jail. Regardless the school released the boy to her. An ensuing investigation to locate the boy discovered the ladies car in Jacksonville outside a hotel then later in Henderson, Nevada. Mr. Mason got a Florida judge to sign an order to bring the boy back home. Mr. Mason finally got to meet the 5 year old who said to Mr. Mason, thank you for bringing me home!

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Mr. Mason, listened to what I needed, then told me not to
worry, and fought for everything he said he would.
I can’t thank him enough.

- Barbara A.

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