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Cheney Mason defends Casey Anthony to not guilty verdict, Trial Law,  Winter Park, Florida

Justice in America: How the Prosecutors and the Media Conspire Against the Accused, is a reflection of attorney J. Cheney Mason’s experience handling the Casey Anthony Murder-trial case, one of the most publicized trials in the history of the United States. It discusses his convictions on how the media and prosecution conspire to shape public opinion of justice. The Casey Anthony trial is estimated to have drawn the television and reading attention of no less than a quarter of a billion people from around the world. It is said that 645 credentials for media were needed to cover this trial. In Justice in America, Anthony’s defense attorney J. Cheney Mason asserts that the jury got it right, and that America, the media, and the public blinded by the nightly lights, got it all wrong. His is the final chapter on the Anthony trial which ignited, mesmerized, and inflamed the public in a way not seen since the O.J. Simpson trial. It became the trial of this century and a piece of legal work destined to be studied for decades to come. Attorney Mason answers the remaining questions left by previous authors with a play-by-play account of what was happening behind the scenes with Casey. He shares never before revealed media bias, and enough case secrets to make readers re-examine their conscience and the quick path to judgment and personal conviction of Anthony. The book is a must-read for anyone who followed the trial; for anyone interested in justice and absolutely required reading for anyone pursuing law or criminal justice.

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J. Cheney Mason holds a compelling affinity for defending the underdogs and the falsely accused. The invitation to help represent Casey Anthony was irresistible. Though she is one of the over fifty homicide cases Mason has defended in his career, he names her story as the most compelling.

Amazon Reviews

“Cheney Mason's book gives me so much consolation and gratitude because sometimes truth and justice do win out in sensational cases. I wonder how many innocent people have been imprisoned or put to death because of media hype based on love of sensationalism rather than truth. Mr. Mason says a fair trial is more important that the first amendment rights of the media, and in his book, he shows why.”

- Martha C.

“The book is engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. You feel like you are listening to Cheney Mason talk to you about the things that happened which the media and especially Jeff Ashton really don't want you to ever think about.”

- Cindy Eaton

“This book lends clarity to the criminal system & effectively describes the lack of moral compass of the Judicial System, the Media, & today's society at large. It is a quick read because it is so cohesive in content & conceptually easy to grasp. The author has presented this well publicized case with all the background information that was never used by the Media. Mr. Mason's understanding of the law as well as his knowledge of all the influences surrounding this infamous case, certainly contributed to the saving of this young woman's life.”

- Amazon Customer


Mr. Mason, listened to what I needed, then told me not to
worry, and fought for everything he said he would.
I can’t thank him enough.

- Barbara A.

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