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Cheney Mason defends Casey Anthony to not guilty verdict, Trial Law,  Winter Park, Florida

“The highest calling any lawyer can have is to be willing to fight the government to save someone’s life.”

- Attorney J. Cheney Mason

As Orlando trial practice attorney J. Cheney Mason knows, not all legal disputes result in court room litigation. In instances where disputes cannot be resolved outside of the courts, litigation becomes the next step. There are different standards of practice which govern the process of trial practice depending on the area of law. Criminal procedures differ from civil procedures, which differ from appellate procedures, and so on. When determining the best possible route to fight for your case, the law firm of J. Cheney Mason reviews the key elements of your case to determine a winning strategy.

Criminal Procedures

Criminal procedures deal with the rules that govern proceedings through which the United States government enforces criminal law. The federal government has their own criminal codes which differ from criminal codes set by states and municipalities. The criminal codes define which types of conduct constitute a crime, and are found primarily in Title 18 and Title 21 of the U.S. Code which outlines most federal crimes. Federal crimes refer to activities that reach beyond the state boundaries or directly affect federal interests.

Civil Procedures

Civil procedures consist of the rules by which courts conduct civil trials in the United States. Civil trials deal with the claims of one individual or class against another in attempt to seek judicial resolution. Civil trials are different than criminal trials in that the parties are not being prosecuted by the state for the violation of a criminal law. Federal courts follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, while state courts have their own rules for civil proceedings. In the United States, civil trials usually take the form of a series of rules and judicial practices.

Appellate Procedures

In appellate procedures, appellate courts review the judgments that were served by previous trial courts. Appellate procedures have different functions, which include rectifying the errors committed by the previous trial court. Appellate procedures help to develop the law and achieve uniformity across different levels of the court. Appellate procedures have different elements of focus which include which judgments are eligible for appeal, how the appeals will be brought before the court, as well as what will be required for the reversal of the lower court. Arguments in appellate courts are supported by written briefs drafted by each of the litigating parties. These briefs state the questions on appeal and give authorities and arguments to support the party’s position. In the majority of cases, the final judgment rule gives jurisdiction of appeals of final decisions by district courts to the courts of appeal.

Besides Casey Anthony’s, Attorney Mason has tried more than 50 other murder cases including 5 homicide cases after the Anthony verdict. Since the trial, he has gone on to defending the rights of his clients in Central Florida. Mr. Mason devotes himself to a small niche of clients for whom he brings unbridled dedication, thorough representation, and attention to detail.

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